Webinar: Complex Conflict of Interest (COI): Understanding the COI Landscape

When:  May 17, 2022 from 13:00 to 14:30 (ET)
Free for members for Member Appreciation Month! 

This webinar will be a rebroadcast of the session from the 2021 AER Conference followed by a live Q&A with the speakers.

The research community’s understanding of COI and commitment has evolved over time, causing us to re-examine traditional institutional and researcher ties while scrutinizing a new wave of partnerships that bring added complexity to our understanding and mitigation of COI. At the same time, federal scrutiny of foreign influence and conflicts has left many of us unsure what to look for and, having found potential conflict, how to report and mitigate.

This session will help the research community understand conflicts and methods of conflict management so we can be better stewards of the public trust in research. Before attending this session, attendees should have broad experience working in or advising on COI, technology transfer, partnerships and licensing, and novel arrangements to promote research and commercialization, and working knowledge of the regulatory, legal, policy, and ethical conditions for addressing COI.