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    I know this is mostly an IRB group and this is not an IRB thing (i.e. please do not dialogue as to whether this is research with human subjects, IRB exempt and/or needing research consent forms) but since you all may also be in the same ecosystem, I ask ...

  • Retroactive or Secondary Use?

    Posted in: SBER Network

    This message was posted by a user wishing to remain anonymous. I am in the process of updating our policies and procedures, of course in doing so I've reviewed many of your policies and procedures available online (THANK You!). With regards to secondary ...

  • Template for Terminating Agreements

    Posted in: SBER Network

    Hello Fellow IRB Professionals, I am hopeful that you can share a template or example of how to terminate an agreement. I understand that the document should at least include the intent to terminate, the date of termination, and any transition plan for ...

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PRIM&R is happy to support the research community by periodically sharing open calls to participate in research activities that enhance our understanding of research protections. To learn more about current opportunities to participate in these research activities, you can read related posts on PRIM&R’s blog, Ampersand. Those interested in sharing a research participation opportunity with the PRIM&R community or learning more about PRIM&R’s role in these initiatives can email us for more information.

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