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  • Customer Service Feedback

    Posted in: IACUC Channel

    Does your institution gather customer service feedback for your IACUC office? If so, is it successful? How do you manage to actually get people to respond to the survey? We currently have a quick survey ...

  • Biorepository Honest Broker

    Posted in: IRB Forum

    . Hi everyone, I am a somewhat new IRB Administrator. During my time at my institution, several researchers have begun projects in which they wish to collect and store biospecimens for current and ...

  • Posted in: IRB Forum

    Hello Community! I'm wondering if anyone who has a "Secondary Data and Samples Only" online submission form they think is effective and/or well developed would be willing to share a copy and/or PDF with ...

AER21 D02: Embedding a Racial Justice Lens into Research and IRB Review With Human Subjects


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PRIM&R is happy to support the research community by periodically sharing open calls to participate in research activities that enhance our understanding of research protections. To learn more about current opportunities to participate in these research activities, you can read related posts on PRIM&R’s blog, Ampersand. Those interested in sharing a research participation opportunity with the PRIM&R community or learning more about PRIM&R’s role in these initiatives can email us for more information.