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Unanswered Questions

  • Starting a DSMB/DMC

    Posted in: IRB Forum

    Good morning, I'm curious if anyone knows of any upcoming conferences that might discuss starting a DSMB/DMC at your institution. Or if anyone here has been through that process and would like to share any "lessons learned" I'd love to hear what you ...

  • Posted in: IRB Forum

    . In a situation where a higher education entity and health care system/entity have partnered to form and develop a medical school, and both entities remain separate from each other and only is affiliated via the medical school MOA/MOU, does anyone have ...


    Posted in: IRB Forum

    . I have questions about the terminology "public benefit or service program" used in category 5 for exemption. (5) Research and demonstration projects that are conducted or supported by a Federal department or agency, or otherwise subject to the ...

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