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    What type of screening questions do you require researchers to include for exercise research? Do you differentiate between types of review or the intensity of the exercise intervention? For example, if a protocol only involves a short, low-intensity exercise ...

  • Setting up NEW IRB-Hiring Processes

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    Hi, My organization is laying the ground work start an IRB, which is very exciting for our community! We are curious how you all would go about this; what is the hiring cadence, which role would you hire first, etc.? The administrative role will reside ...

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    This message was posted by a user wishing to remain anonymous. I was asked by a colleague to pose the following question here for those members in New York state: Pursuant to section 4 of 79-L of the New York State Civil Rights Law, that provisions ...

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PRIM&R is happy to support the research community by periodically sharing open calls to participate in research activities that enhance our understanding of research protections. To learn more about current opportunities to participate in these research activities, you can read related posts on PRIM&R’s blog, Ampersand. Those interested in sharing a research participation opportunity with the PRIM&R community or learning more about PRIM&R’s role in these initiatives can email us for more information.

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